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Eat better without breaking the bank

Eat better without breaking the bank

January 31, 2019


After the holiday spending spree in December, we often pay more attention to our wallets during the month of January.

Furthermore, the most recent edition of the Canadian Consumer Food Prices Report predicts that the grocery basket will cost an average family at least $400 more for the year 2019.

To reconcile budget and healthy eating, plant-based proteins win the prize! Here are three essential foods to include in your menu to eat better without breaking the bank:

Textured vegetable protein

Made from soy and imitating ground meat remarkably well (children will love it, I promise!), it is mainly found in stores specializing in bulk products (like the Bulk Barn ). Here is a taco recipe in which I suggest you replace vegetable oil with olive oil in butter to add an “animal” side.

Beans (white, red , black, etc.)

Often less cooked than chickpeas or lentils, they deserve to be known, because the beans are just as nutritious and inexpensive. Here is a vegetarian Mexican pâté recipe that would be delicious with cilantro and onion olive oil rather than vegetable oil to enhance the flavor of the spices.

Nutritional yeast ( flakes or powder)

not to be confused with the yeast used in baking or pastry, this little-known food is rich in protein and has the umami flavor generally characteristic of animal proteins. You can add it to soups (recipe here ), make a vegan mac & cheese or even a vegetarian creton . To find out more, you can listen to this video made by a fellow nutritionist.

Do you have other ideas for eating better without breaking the bank?
Do not hesitate to share them with us in comments on this article.

Enjoy your food!

By Dorothée Buteau-Poulin, nutritionist-dietitian

Featured photo Pixabay


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