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I fell in love with the world of olive oil like others will fall in love with the world of wine. Its history, its beneficial properties for health, the easy and tasty touch that changes our dishes!

But it wasn't always this way.

Although growing up my mother cooked a lot and family meals were treasured, I was quite a picky eater and so my diet didn't have much variety.

It was several years later, when my own children were born, that I realized: healthy eating begins at home, in our own kitchen, by adopting good daily habits.

What we eat is our fuel, which allows us to move forward and be alive. Why not give it more importance?

Through my travels to California and Tuscany, I discovered the true taste of high quality olive oil. I then understood that this food was an essential in the kitchen and that it could help us stay healthy while giving an exceptional taste to our dishes.

- Catherine

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