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Mission and history


Olives et gourmandises was created in spring 2014 by Catherine Veilleux , an epicurean and cooking enthusiast from Saint-Georges en Beauce.

Although during her childhood her mother cooked a lot and family meals were precious, Catherine was rather picky and her diet was therefore not very varied. It was several years later, when her children were born, that she became aware and understood that healthy eating begins at home , in your own kitchen, by adopting good daily habits . What we eat is our fuel, what allows us to move forward and be alive, why not give it more importance?

Reading Dr. Richard Béliveau's first book, Foods Against Cancer: Prevention and Treatment of Cancer Through Diet (2005) , was a revelation for Catherine. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet appealed to her more and more and she had a strong desire to know more.

Through her travels, notably in California and Tuscany, Catherine fell in love with the world of olive oil and the history of the olive tree, this majestic, legendary and fascinating tree used for its fruits, its leaves and its wood for thousands of years. She discovered the true taste of high quality olive oil and understood that this food was an essential in the kitchen and that it could help us stay healthy and give an exceptional taste to all our dishes.

Quickly thereafter, Catherine also became interested in balsamic vinegars and flavored oils.

This is where the idea of ​​Olives and Gourmets was born, healthy, quality and varied products.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs who have owned a funeral home for 4 generations, Catherine was keen to create her own business project. With experience, she understood that when you make your passion your project, it becomes easy to develop.

Two Olives et gourmandises stores have opened in recent years, one in St-Georges and one at the Lévis Market. In the fall of 2018, the company took another direction by closing its 2 stores in order to expand its distribution network, respond to strong demand and thus make its range of oils and balsamics available in Quebec, in different locations. of sale. Increase imports, launch new products, improve the offer with exclusive recipes and tastings, be more present on social networks and set up a vast accessible and up-to-date distribution network; these are the new elements of the mission of Catherine's company.

Olives et gourmandises offers its customers a range of nearly 50 varied olive oils and balsamic vinegars, gluten-free and most vegan , from proud producers around the world .

All olive oils are EVOO certified (extra virgin olive oil) and therefore come from a first cold pressing, which offers an incomparable taste and beneficial properties for health.

By choosing Olives et gourmandises olive oils and balsamic vinegars, you ensure high quality and exceptional freshness , since Catherine is a specialist in her field and the product turnover rate is high.

Oils and vinegars are available in bottles and/or in bulk, depending on the point of sale.