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Let's celebrate autumn differently

Let's celebrate autumn differently

October 3, 2018


With the start of autumn comes the timeless squashes, with their different colors and irregular shapes. If you sometimes have difficulty finding your way around, I suggest you briefly read this guide to the varieties of winter squash most commonly found in Quebec.

For my part, I suggest a few other ways that are just as delicious and simple to prepare them as the usual soups, spaghetti and desserts, enhanced with products from Olives and Gourmets!

Butternut squash with 5 spices and maple

To improve the quality of the fat used in this recipe, without compromising on taste, use olive oil with butter . Buttercup squash or Sweet Dumpling are also tasty when roasted.

Autumn bruschetta

To enhance the taste of fall flavors, use Pear and Cranberry White Balsamic Vinegar .

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Once again to improve the quality of the fat used in this recipe without compromising on taste, use 3 tablespoons of buttered olive oil and 1 tablespoon of garlic olive oil (no garlic). garlic to chop, yay!).

Spaghetti squash croquette

Brush olive oil with Provence herbs on the spaghetti squash before cooking to add flavors to this original accompaniment, without having to buy more fine herbs and chop them (you can omit the dill if desired ).

Happy fall discoveries!

Featured photo Johannes Hofmann on Unsplash


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