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Spread happiness one recipe at a time!

I am Johanne Jacques. I am greedy, creative and instinctive in the kitchen. I am convinced that the recipe for happiness comes from the stomach!

As I don't like to eat the same meal twice, life is too short to eat spaghetti twice a week and I love trying new flavors, I have become, over time, a "News Machine". recipes "! By offering simple recipes that will make your taste buds smile even on weekday evenings, my blog 's mission is to inspire the desire to cook to all those who are lacking inspiration or who find that cooking is a chore.

A graphic designer by profession, creativity and a sense of aesthetics are deeply rooted in me. Because the pleasure of eating begins with the eyes, I strive to create colorful and attractive dishes.

Hoping that my passion is contagious and that it also gives you the taste of cooking recipes that feel good!


Cooking brings happiness, it must remain simple and pleasant

I'm Fannélie and here is a composition of everything I like to do: create recipes, but above all share them, explain them and give people a taste for cooking.

Today, I'm giving free live cooking classes on my Facebook Page @fanneliecuisine. I also have a website, , which is a logical continuation of everything I acquired in the first 40 years of my life. There you will find recipes, videos, culinary tips and tricks with a pinch of Marseille, a spoonful of Quebec, all seasoned with professional techniques and sprinkled with unmentionable tips!

My background: gourmet cooking school in France, career in Michelin-starred restaurants, chef-owner of my restaurant in Marseille and developing recipes for Thermomix Canada, but also to feed my 3 men in the house on a daily basis who have a good appetite!

I have personally used olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Olives et gourmandises at home for several years and I am delighted to now be in collaboration with this brand. I like the originality and quality of these products, the flavors are natural and not artificial. My favorite product: Black balsamic vinegar, I'm completely addicted to it, I put it everywhere! And its little brother, maple and bourbon balsamic, is not far behind.


Welcome to my table!

Growing up in a family of professional cooks, pastry chefs and waiters, I naturally developed a love for everything related to the art of hosting.

I worked for 10 years in the hotel and food industry, where I continued training and perfected my methods.

Now responsible for an educational daycare service and mother of a magnificent 6-year-old little girl, it is out of passion that I created Labelle Cuisine where I share my recipes with you, and which, by the way, are all gluten-free since my partner is celiac.


The pleasure of eating healthy!

I am Katherine-Roxanne Veilleux. A creative, fun woman, with a little Beauce accent and above all, passionate about healthy “meals”. I am also an entrepreneur, author of culinary magazines and mother of 3 beautiful boys.

Having suffered from obesity myself as a teenager and having managed to lose over 60 lbs. in 1 year through healthy eating, I made it my mission to help others by sharing my tips, my recipes and my discoveries. I have had the great pleasure of sharing this passion, for 10 years, with my wonderful gang of “popoteux” by offering them new recipes through my social networks and my culinary magazines.

Those who know me know that I am an instinctive cook, who has no shortage of ideas, who thrives on originality, but on simplicity at the same time. In short, what a great job to be able to create nourishing, easy, tasty recipes that we cook in everyday life. We forget the flafla, it's not in my nature. I rather like what is good franquette as they say.

May this passion also continue here as a collaborator to give you back the taste of cooking healthy dishes at home that are good for your body and your soul.


My mission ; give you back the taste of healthy cooking!

I am Annie Caron, a lifelong cooking enthusiast, chef-teacher, speaker, author and proud recipient of the 2019-2020 health chef title offered by the Society of Pastry Chefs and Cooks of Quebec.

I have always had my head in the kitchen and have fun inventing new recipes, inspired by my numerous travels, my visits to our fabulous restaurants, my readings and my research.

In 2011, I discovered living foods and followed several training courses. This is how the idea of ​​opening my healthy cooking school arose in me, to pass on my passion and help people improve the nutritional value of their meals and increase their vitality while enjoying succulent dishes.

Now that I have become a chef-teacher in living foods and graduated from the Alissa Cohen school in the United States, it is with pride that for 8 years, I have been introducing you to new trends in cooking to allow you to optimize your health and enjoy yourself. . I specialize in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, but I also like to take your taste buds on a journey with world cuisine.

I use Olives et Gourmandises products in the development of my recipes for the quality of the product and the finesse of the flavors which allow me to make tasty creations and mixtures of flavors from starter to dessert. You can therefore find several recipes concocted with Olive oils and vinegar and delicacies in my recipe book ''Long live Flexitarianism'. My favorite products are basil oil and pear and cranberry balsamic vinegar.

Despite different dietary preferences and health concerns, eating should still be an enjoyable experience that gives us an opportunity to come together.